... Create and Share 3D Models and Simulations, Instantly!

Figment3D gives software engineers the power to generate, distribute, render and integrate sophisticated 3D and 4D models using minimal resources.  With the Figment3D suite of software products, you can:
  • Create interactive models from scratch within minutes, using the Figment3D Editor.
  • Share and run your models without third-party media players, using the portable Figment3D Player (Rendering Engine).
  • Store models with file sizes as small as still images, using the Figment3D Parametric Surface Format.
  • Integrate your models with existing OpenGL applications, using the compact Figment3D Software Development Kit.

Figment3D technology can be advantageous in a vast array of applications, including but not limited to:
  • Medical Simulations - design branching arteries, fluid flows, dynamic slicing, etc.
  • Upstream Oil Exploration - render tricubic volumes based on layers of bicubic horizons obtained from seismic reflection.
  • R&D - rapidly create prototypes of complex environments.
  • Image File Compression - create sophisticated models requiring orders of magnitude less space.
  • Web Design - add interactive 3D and 4D models to any web site.
  • Video Games - introduce dynamic geometry via the real-time SDK.
  • Education - use 3D and 4D models to simplify the learning process.
  • Computer Hardware - incorporate direct-ray tracing.
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